Beautiful Perplexing Problems

Cities are beautiful problems in the process of solving themselves--and, in that process, creating both more beauty and more problems. This blog is a forum for my thoughts and yours--in words and photos--about the beautiful enigma of this our dear and cherished problem, San Diego.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kicked Out of My Own Church--and Lovin' it! (Part-3)

After speakking to Laura, the panhandling lady at St. Joseph's, I met Julian at the Scientology building. I had noticed the big commercial "For Sale" sign hung on the building and, noticing a young man sitting at a reception desk in the back of the very spacious lobby, I walked in to ask if the building was really for sale. "Yes, it is," he told me, "We have acquir5ed property out in La Mesa and will be moving out then next month."

To be continued...

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